Router Installation And Configuration Setup for Linksys

Linksys routers are considered to be one of the better wireless device available in the market. The router devices manufactured by Linksys are renowned for its performance, latest technology and ease of setup or configuration. These router devices are used by millions across the globe to get access to high-speed internet connection and share it with multiple devices.With the advancement in technology and increasing number of competition among the manufacturers, these router devices have become more affordable than ever before. Although these factors play a major role in making Linksys routers a common commodity at home and offices alike, its complexity cannot be denied. Routers are complicated machines with various hardware devices assembled along with a software program to control its functionalities. The non-tech user community who are dependent on technicians and ISP for every aspect of their router setup find it very difficult to troubleshoot even the most basic issues with the router. Third-party customer support for Linksys or router installation and configuration setup provided complete Linksys router help. So call our Linksys router helpline for immediate help.

How to Configure Router

Here, I will discuss in detail on how to configure your new Linksys router to setup your home network in detail. So go through the given set of instructions and setup your router, in case you find anything difficult to understand or not able to follow the steps, contact our third-party router technical support number for Linksys.

Step 1: Connect your Linksys router to your computer using an Ethernet cable, One end of the cable goes into the LAN port of your Linksys router(your router has 3-7 LAN ports depending on the model you are using) and the other end goes inside the Ethernet port of your computer. The ADSL cable of your modem goes inside the WAN port of your router. Wait for few minutes to let the connection between the two devices get established.

Step 2: Once the connection has been established, open your web browser and type or the given URL field and hit Enter. This will redirect you to your router’s login portal.

Note: If the given IP address does not work, use your own IP address or Google,”Linksys default IP” (followed by your region.)

Step 3: Enter “admin” in the SSID field and leave the password field blank and hit enter. This will redirect you to the main settings and dashboard of your router.

Note: The login credentials mentioned above are default ones and may vary from region to region. If your ISP has provided you with any separate router login credentials use those instead.

Step 4: Once on the main settings page, click on “Setup Wizard” on the left-hand side menu. The automatic setup wizard will detect your type of connection and recommend settings according to that. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: If you want to manually set up your router then, skip the Step 4, and click on WAN settings from the given menu. Once on the WAN settings page, enable DHCP for your router, this will allow your router to receive an automatic IP address from your ISP. Save the settings.

Step 6: Now, click on “Security” to change your security settings. On the settings page, you will notice an option for “Encryption Type”, select “WPA2” from the given options as it is considered to be the safest and on par with government level encryption.

Step 7: Below the Encryption type, you will notice a box by the name of “Pass-Key”, This is your wifi password. Enter a strong password in the box which you can remember and cannot be easily guessed. We recommend making use of Uppercase, lowercase, and numerals to create a strong password. Save the settings. You have successfully configured your Linksys router now.

These are the steps one needs to follow to configure and setup their Linksys router. Hopefully, these steps will help you in configuring your router. In case you have any other router related issues troubling you, feel free to get in touch with our third-party tech support for Linksys router team. These people are thorough professionals with years of expertise in providing router solutions. These engineers know inside out of a router machine and thus capable of resolving your complicated router issues in quick time.

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