How Do I Setup PC Anywhere Behind A Linksys Router?

Linksys has been making networking based electronic devices for years, with user base running into millions. People from all across the globe buy these Linksys router to get access to high-speed internet connectivity and also to share the same with multiple other devices. Although these routers have become an essential part of a majority of households, its complexity cannot be denied. Due to lack of technical knowledge and routers being complicated machines, users find it difficult to troubleshoot even the simplest of problems. We at technical support for Linksys team for Linksys, receive hundreds of such queries from our worries customers seeking help for their router problems. These queries range from the simple password reset to complicated port forwarding issues.

Among all these queries one that we have been receiving lately is regarding the setup of PCAnywhere service on Linksys router. Are you having a similar issue? Well, no need to worry anymore as I will discuss how to complete the setup in a detailed manner in the following section. In case you are facing any other trouble with your Linksys router, call Technical Support number for Linksys to get immediate help from our team of experts. We provide technical help for Linksys routers at affordable prices.

How to Setup PC Anywhere: A Solution by Technical Assistance for Linksys

In order to set up PCAnywhere behind your Linksys router, you need to make use of port forwarding for a remote TCP/IP. I will discuss the 8x port forwarding on how to do the same below. Kindly follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1: Connect your Linksys router to your computer using an ethernet port, where one end of the cable goes into the LAN port while the other end goes inside the ethernet port on your computer. ADSL cable will go into the WAN or internet port of your router as well. Wait for few minutes to let the connection get established.

Step 2: Login to your router’s web portal to get access to the main settings page. You can make use of default login credential in case your ISP has not provided you with any such information.

Step 3: Now, once on the main settings page, click on WAN settings. You will be redirected to the WAN settings tab. Here, disable your DHCP settings and enter a static IP into the given field.

Step 4: Now, go to Domain Name and check the firmware version in use. After making note of this info, click on Advanced Tab. Then go to Forwarding option under the Advanced tab.

Step 5: Under the forwarding tab you need to put in the IP address of the PC on which you want it forward the port to. Generally, it works on port 22. Enter the IP address of the desired device you want to set the PCAnywhere on and click on Apply.

These are the steps to setup PCAnywhere on your Linksys router. Hopefully, these steps helped you in setting up the PCAnywhere. In case you have any trouble in understanding these steps or you feel the need of technical assistance from router experts, feel free to contact us at our toll-free tech support number for Linksys. In case the phone line is busy, you can also make use of our chat support for Linksys. Our services are open for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year.

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