How To View Network Logs With The Linksys Connect Software?

Check Network Logs Through Linksys Router Web-Based Setup Page

Users can view network logs with the Linksys Router Web-based setup page. In order to check router’s log, you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below –

1.First of all, confirm that your PC is connected to the local network. To check network connectivity, you have to check network status that is located in the system tray. For connecting your computer to the router, you can use RJ-45 cable.

2.Now, open a web browser and then enter this IP address “” in the address bar. Then hit Enter key. If after entering this IP address, an error occurs then check your router’s manual then you have to check your router’s manual for specific IP address.

3.After entering IP address, you are prompted to login wizard where you have to enter the administrator password. If you have setup administrator password earlier then you have to enter that particular password in the “password” field box. If you have not set up any password then you are redirected to network configuration screen.

4.On the network configuration screen, tap on “Status” option so that you can find out information about your router & its log files. On the same screen, you will see “log” link, just press a click on it. If you don’t see any “logs” link on the main screen or the status screen then you have to check your router’s user guide.

5.To check your router’s saved logs, just tap on “Logs”. On the top of the screen, router lists the number of logs. In order to confirm that your logs are up to date, just refresh the logs.For exporting the logs to a text file, just click on “Save logs” button. Users can view router’s log information in the “Blocked Incoming Packet” or “Dropped packet”.

6.To open your browser’s search function & to search for a specific IP address, press Ctrl + F keys at the same time. Now enter your search term into the window and then hit Enter key. Now, close the screen and exit from router’s setup.

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