Resolving Poor 5GHz Wireless Range/Signal From Routers

Routers play a very important role in our day-to-day life. We are heavily dependent on these machines for our daily chores. Right from, working in your office, shopping online, ordering food and what not. Even a small drop in connections leads to a collective frustration, which is quite understandable looking at the current day and age where online connectivity matters the most. Among all the brands which manufacture these router machines, Linksys is a brand considered to be one of the most trustworthy and affordable router producers. Although these routers are modern marvels with different use and needs, its complexity cannot be denied. People find it difficult to troubleshoot even the simplest of issues without assistance from some technical expertise. We at Technical Assistance for Linksys help these worried customers to fix their Linksys router issues via our toll-free Technical Support number for Linksys.

As a service provider, we receive numerous queries on our helpline on a daily basis, one such common query is regarding router channel and the poor signal associated with it. In this article, I will discuss some troubleshooting techniques to resolve this network connectivity problem on 5Ghz network band. Kindly follow the techniques mentioned carefully.

How to Resolve Poor 5GHz Wireless Signal From Routers?

Routers generally work on two bandwidth channel, 2.1 GHz, and 5 GHz. Generally, when you ISP configure your router it is set to 2.1 GHz network. But, since most of the home-appliances work on the same frequency, network lag and drop in connection become quite common. So it is recommended to change the bandwidth channel to 5.0Ghz. Since the drop in connection occurs at the same bandwidth I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to fix the issue, kindly follow them carefully:

1. Check wired connection: Make sure all the wires connecting your router to your network, computer, modem are in perfectly fine connection. Sometimes, a damaged wire could lead to drop in connection as well as poor signal strength.So make sure to replace the damaged one if you are using one.

2. Upgrade Drivers: Your Linksys router use driver to communicate with other devices, but these drivers are vulnerable to getting out-dated or corrupt over the course of use. So head over to your vendor’s official website and make sure to download all available drivers on the page. Install it on your system and restart it to see if the issue has been resolved.

3. Change Bandwidth Channel: If your router device is not working up to its potential on 5GHz bandwidth, then change it to 2.1 GHz and remove all home appliances near it to avoid any interference from them.

4. Enhance Your Security: If the drop in connection is a new issue, and the same channel was working fine in the past, then chances are your Linksys router security has been compromised. So go to your router’s settings page and make sure to use WPA2 encryption type as well as a very strong password for your wifi network. You can also make use of the MAC address filtering. Under this service, only those devices whose MAC address you have fed in the Filter will be able to access your network.

These are some of the troubleshooting techniques to help you resolve the issue of Poor connection at 5.0 GHz. Hopefully, these helped you resolve the problem with ease. If the problem still persists, chances are you might be facing more serious concerns than you thought. So without wasting your time call our Customer Support Number for Linksys and get access to some of the finest router technical support from experienced network engineers.You can also make use of the chat support for Linksys on the website.

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