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Linksys is considered among the finest brands when it comes to manufacturing of networking based products. They manufacture all kinds of wired & s, modems, antennas, wifi range extender etc. Among all these the routers are undoubtedly the most popular one. The reason for the rise in demand and popularity of these routers can be attributed to the boom of internet-based services. In the last decade or so, the internet has become a prominent platform for hosting all kinds of services and products of our daily needs. Be it buying clothes, foods, medicines, you name it and you will find that there is a service online. Millions of people across the globe buy these routers to get access to high-speed internet connectivity and also to share the same with multiple other devices. The use of routers has become such common that, they are more of a necessity than just a need. Although the significance of this small yet very impactful device is there for everyone to see, it does have its fair share of problems associated with it. People without a prior knowledge about the working of these devices find it difficult to troubleshoot even the simplest of issues.

We at technical support for Linksys receive volumes of calls from different router users with their queries and technical difficulties they are facing with these router machines. One such common query has been regarding the Windows SP2 issues. In this article, I will discuss several troubleshooting techniques to resolve the problem. So make sure to follow the steps carefully. You can also seek technical assistance from experts by making a call to our Linksys Customer Support number or you can make use of the Linksys Live chat support.

Troubleshooting Techniques To Resolve SP2 Problems?

The reason for your Linksys router to face technical difficulties with the sp2 could be a compatibility problem. Many users have complained about different issues they are facing with sp2. Let us look at some of the troubleshooting techniques one can follow in order to resolve this issue.

 1. Change Your Bandwidth Channel

Most of your home appliances like tv remote, cordless phone, microwave etc. work on the same frequency of 2.1 GHz as that of default router bandwidth. So chances are the channel your router is using is cluttered. So it is advisable to change your bandwidth channel to 5.0 GHz and see if that makes a difference.

2.Update Driver

If internet connection is running fine and still your wireless network is not working then chances are one of the drivers for your router has either expired or got corrupted. So head over to your vendor’s website and download the latest available driver for your router. Install them and restart your router to see if the issue is resolved.

3.Update Firmware

Firmware acts as software support or updates to fix internal complexities of your router. like drivers, this firmware too receives timely updates from your manufacturer. So update your router with the latest available firmware as these contain necessary updates and also eliminate serious router issues which you might have with the previous version.

4.Reset Your Router

If any of the above-mentioned steps did not resolve the problem, reset your router to factory settings. This will ensure that any faulty settings causing the problem will be eliminated.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving the problem. In case you have any further issues or if the problem is not yet resolved, chances are you might be having some internal software snag. In these kinds of situation, we recommend the user to contact tech support for Linksys for some of the best Linksys router technical assistance from experts.

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